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about our online boat show database...

When do you post the NEW data?

As a dedicated online boat show calendar, we make every effort to research the information posted. You'd be surprised how many long distance calls we need to make before each calendar changeover!

Most often the calendar pages are rolled in the final quarter of the year, and we are working to make it happen around June for shows that are upcoming early in the next year. What we CAN do is keep posting the hotlinks to the websites for individual events, along with local contact information. That way, you can find the old event and call or click to find out updates direct from the show producers.

Can you provide more information on a particular show? is just a convenient online calendar, and must refer questions directly to each event. We encourage EVERY show to offer visitors a comprehensive, year-round homepage that we can link to for ALL of the information!

What if the page I found is old info?

If we've already rolled all of the calendar pages, then it could be one of two things. Some states have more than one page of shows, so be sure you're looking for the 'CLICK FOR MORE SHOWS' link at the bottom of those pages.

Also we've noted that the search engines will often link only to a particular page in the website--without updating when the calendar rolls. If we were to remove the archive pages, a searcher will get 'Page not Found' so instead we keep the archives with a big, red hyperlink to the homepage for current info.

Can you help me find a particular show?

Since we work out of the Pacific Northwest, we're really most familiar only with our own local events. We rely on boaters from other regions to provide information about shows they like--especially when the show promoter doesn't have current information somewhere online for us to find.

In short, what we post in the calendar is really all we know! Notably, it is easy to get confused when the name of an event changes, or when a show is casually referred to by location. So keep sending us that local information on the Boat Shows and Maritime Events that you enjoy most!

You can always send us an email to:

Featured Boat Shows
Lake Union Boats Afloat Show - Seattle WA
Lake Union Boats Afloat Show
Sept 13-16, 2018
Seattle WA

Tampa Bay Boat Show - Tampa Bay FL
Tampa Bay Boat Show
Sept 21-23, 2018
Tampa Bay FL

In-Water Southern California Boat Show - San Pedro CA
In-Water Southern California Boat Show
Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2018
San Pedro CA

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